Orchard House is a 9 Bedroomed Detached property which was built in the 1980’s. It has a level gravelled parking area for up to 10 cars at the front of the property and adjacent to it.

Ground Floor – Access is through the front of the house up a ramp or stairs , wheel chair access is possible across the whole of the ground floor The breakfast / dining area is accessed via the rear of the house again via a ramp. The ground floor, is level throughout.

First Floor – Access to the ensuite bedrooms is via one flight of thirteen steps with a balustrade
There are no further steps on the first floor.

Second Floor – Access to the second floor is via one of 9 steps with a balustrade to the top loft based bedroom

All bedrooms are centrally heated with adjustable thermostatic controls.

The proprietors will afford every assistance to the disabled guests where necessary

Guest Property
Valuable items can be locked away upon request

The Waters Edge Guest House cannot take responsibility for guests vehicles and property.

Guests should take adequate precautions for their own property.

The Proprietors reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason and all monies will be refunded
but no further liability will be accepted. All amenities provided by the owner are used entirely at the
guests risk and no responsibility will be accepted by the owners other than the result of the owners